MyActiveCenter Change Log

Last Updated November 16th, 2021


  • Additions

    • Added Support for Chinese characters across MyActiveCenter 你好!

    Bug Fixes

    • Additonal updates for Canadian credit card processing
    • Fixed an issue where series could leave members with costs owed even when paid
    • Fixed a rare issue where member could look like they paid for the same item twice at the center
    • Service charges are now correctly notated back at the center
    • Additional logging added to help track any remaining issues payment issues
    • Additional improvments to ensure correct start times for virtual activities
    • PayPal receipts now have receipt numbers
    • Fixed an issue where people could purchase an activity which was already at capacity
    • Fixed an issue where people could be unable to remove a series once placed in their cart
    • Quality of life

      • Moved location of Cart icon for mobile devices so that it's more easily accessible


  • Major Updates

    • Support for additional credit card processing Hello Canada!
    • Massively increased the speed/performance across MAC You gotta eat your Fiber!

    Quality of life

    • Additional support for service charges


  • Bug Fixes

    • Fixes for virtual activities displaying a wrong join time


  • Bug Fixes

    • Even more niche group requirement fixes (If that's not all of them I'll eat my own sock!)


  • Bug Fixes

    • Improvements to more accurately display when users can join for virtual classes
    • Fixed an issue with fully discounted activities being added to cart instead of registered


  • Bug Fixes

    • Fixed multiple issues with group requirements not following the rules in very specific scenerios
    • Fixed certain free-like items not displaying their correct costs when attempting to register
    • (For centers who only allow local residents to register) Fixed login modal not appearing for people who were not signed in when selecting an activity
    • Adjusted at what point payment history is created so that users can never owe twice for a single item


  • Quality of life

    • Significantly improved the usability and accuracy of the Residents Only center option
    • Now only numbers are allowed to be entered into credit card fields
    • Added additional error prompts to help guide users as to what's wrong if a credit card is not accepted
    • Adjusted keyboard on mobile to use numbers-only keyboard when entering credit card information
    • Credit card expiration date field will be formatted automatically

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed issue where certain series activities were not showing up in the cart due to individual day pricing of free
    • Fixed rare instance where group requirements were not needing to be satisfied


  • Quality of life

    • Added the ability for the Activity page to remember your place on the page.
    • Adjusted Virtual activities notification display to have better formating.

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed an issue where mutiple discounts could break series activities from being able to show correctly.
    • Fixed an issue for centers who only allow local residents to register to activities.


  • Quality of life

    • Massively sped up the activity's page loading times (by over 10,000% in some cases).


  • Bug Fixes

    • Fixed an issue with virtual series not displaying correctly in the notification area.


  • Quality of life

    • Adjusted Register button text for clarity when adding to cart
    • Adjusted virtual activity to allow joining 10 minutes ahead of the activity's start time

    Bug Fixes

    • Many bug fixes for virtual activities not displaying when they should, or displaying multiple copies of the same item
    • Fix for virtual activities not allowing user to join when they should
    • Fix for wrong center information displaying when joining a virtual activity
    • Fixed the inability to add a spouse to your account. (I herby pronounce you, bug and squashed)


  • Major Updates

    • Virtual Activities - Sign up for virtual activities and be notified when they're available. Receive instructions and links right inside the site with our new notification area at the top of the page!
    • Donations - Feeling Generous? Show your center how much you appreciate them by buying them a coffee or three. Amounts available in any denomination. (for centers who accept online payments)
    • New user Registration - Looking to join a center but don't have a keytag from them? Try our reimagined New User section to sign up to a center you've never been to before (for centers who opt in).

    Quality of life

    • Once activities are registered to or added to cart, they're now removed from the holding area.
    • Activities which have been signed up for will now show as such when viewing that activity's calendar. (hallelujah!)
    • Removed waitlisted items showing up in user's My Activities area. (phew, that was confusing)
    • New Total Owed field in cart. (we're sorry for all the manual mathing)
    • Removed checkboxes from line items in cart as they didn't serve a valuable purpose.
    • Adjusted Register button text for clarity when adding to cart.
    • Adjusted virtual activity to allow joining 10 minutes ahead of the activity start time.

    Bug Fixes

    • Activities with multiple group requirements now only require one or more of the groups.
    • More accurately displayed expiration times when renewing to groups.
    • Fixed users being allowed to renew to groups which didn't have additional lengths available to purchase.
    • Groups no longer need to be visible on MAC to see their associated discounts.
    • Users can now renew to non-cycle groups that they've expired to if the group has an available registration.
    • Multiple plans from the same group can no longer be added to the cart until the first is purchased.
    • Cleaned up various other group logic issues and bugs.
    • Fixed an issue for centers who only allow registration of in town members.
    • Cart will now load each time it's accessed to prevent issues of mismatched details.
    • Fixed a scenario where the user's account could freeze up when accessing their Cart page.
    • Fixed free-like activities incorrectly being added to cart instead of registered.
    • Many bug fixes for virtual activities not displaying when they should, or displaying multiple copies of the same item.
    • Fix for virtual activities not allowing user to join when they should.
    • Fix for wrong center information displaying when joining a virtual activity.
    • Fixed the inability to add a spouse to your account. (I herby pronounce you, bug and squashed)
    • Other miscellaneous fixes.


  • Fixed issue with Pay Now button not showing Redirect text when clicked on the cart.


  • Added a clock icon to activity calendars to indicate when a user is on the waiting list and has not secured a spot.
  • Updated popup button to say Register when registering for an activity, series or group that does not have a cost, and Add to Cart when a cost is involved.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the unenroll buttons from appearing under My Activities.
  • Updated price range for the activity calendar page to show prices more accurately when all activities are a part in a series.
  • Fixed a bug with saving the correct payment type for reporting purposes.


  • Updated how payments are saved for reporting purposes for centers.


  • Fixed a bug that allowed users to register for an activity that was supposed to not allow it.


  • Fixed a bug with displaying the unenroll button for a series when the series has an activity that is in the past.


  • Fixed a bug with properly extending group memberships.


  • Fixed a bug that incorrectly extended a group membership's expiration date under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue with discounts not displaying on a center's activity list.
  • Fixed an issue with free activities not displaying the free price tag.
  • Fixed an issue with price ranges showing negative numbers.
  • Fixed a bug with discounts not being applied properly when being redirected to PayPal.
  • Fixed issue with shopping cart not loading properly when it was the first page you landed on.
  • Fixed a bug with the wrong group price plan being displayed in the shopping cart.


  • Fixed a rare issue with processing TMS payments that could cause duplicate payments to occur.
  • Fixed a bug with enrolling users in activities, series or groups when paying through TMS.
  • Fixed an issue with activities being incorrectly displayed when they should not be.
  • Fixed an issue with displaying the correct price information for an activity and series (Check w/ Staff, By Appointment, etc.).


  • Updated payment records to not store gateway information in the payment notes.
  • Updated shopping cart to have a button to continue browsing a center's activities page.
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in an error message being displayed when clicking on series on the calendar, but the registration was not open for activities.
  • Fixed an issue with paying for an activity or series in relation to groups and discounts.


  • Updated the shopping cart and enroll popup to display the group member expiration dates to the expected date after a payment has been made.
  • Updated calendar page to move the series list, if applicable, on the calendar page for an activity if scrolling down the page is possible.
  • Added the date information to enrolled activities in the shopping cart, which should help make it clear when each activity occurs before checking out.
  • Fixed an issue with unenrolling from past activities that are part of a series.
  • Fixed an issue with unregister buttons not appearing for activities in a separate series or activities listed among series activities.
  • Fixed a bug where discounts would sometimes be applied incorrectly to activities and series.


  • Improved the loading time for a center's activities page.
  • Updated the calendar page by add series lists and tweaked the colors of each activity to distinguish the activities that are part of a series and with different colors between series.
  • Changed the number of days the activity page will pull from 90 days to all future events.
  • Changed the number of days the calendar page will pull from 90 to 180 days.
  • Updated the enrollment on the calendar to deselect a previously selected series instead of showing the confirmation popup.
  • Updated the wording on the password reset page to be less confusing.
  • Fixed a bug with the Pay Now button not redirecting when clicked under certain conditions.
  • Updated center's activities page to display activities that are similar to related events, but use a different name. For example, activities could be under Movies, but each activity could be the name of the movie instead of just Movies.


  • Changed the number of days the activity page will pull from 30 to 90 days.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed unregistering from activities and series that were already paid for.
  • Fixed a bug with unregistering from a free series.
  • Updated the popup when unregistering from a series to inform users of the number of activities they are unregistering from, and their date range.
  • Fixed a display issue in the popup when attempting to unregister from an activity or series.
  • Fixed a display issue with the dollar sign on the activities page and shopping cart.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Pay Now button from being displayed in the cart under certain conditions.
  • Updated Group enrollment to display the name of the person being enrolled when using an account with a spouse setup.
  • Fixed a bug that would result in expired Group memberships being deleted instead of remaining expired.
  • Added center search feature to New Users page.


  • Updated the map markers on the Centers search page to take you to the center details.
  • Updated the map markers on the center details page to take you to Google Maps with directions to that center.
  • Fixed a bug where activity and series prices were using past and future activities instead of just future ones.
  • Fixed a bug that would could sometimes result in the incorrect price being displayed for activities and series.
  • When registering, if your MySeniorCenter account does not have an email address, MyActiveCenter will add it.
  • Fixed a bug where expired Groups were listed under a center's Group page.
  • Fixed a bug where users would get Group discounts when their membership was expired.
  • Removed the day(s) of the week from the activities list.
  • Fixed a bug that displayed an unnecessary comma for Group membership plans that are only valid for a specific number of days.
  • Updated the handling of enrolling, renewing and unregistering from Groups so that the appropriate actions in preserving Group memberships.
  • Added a confirmation when attempting to enroll in a series when viewing an activity's calendar.


  • Fixed an issue with checkboxes not being clickable in the shopping cart.
  • Fixed an issue where the Pay Now button was missing despite having items checked in the shopping cart.
  • Fixed an issue with being redirecting to the shopping cart after cancelling a payment from PayPal.
  • Fixed an issue enrolling in a Group that has a cost but the center requires immediate payment. The Group will now show up in the shopping cart instead of receiving an error message.


  • Added support to pay for groups in the shopping cart and to unregister from them when a payment is still due.
  • Fixed an issue with unenrolling from activities and series that do not have a cost.
  • Fixed a bug where the group name was not being displayed properly when trying to enroll in an activity or series, but required a group membership and enrollment for that group is not available through MyActiveCenter.
  • When cancelling a payment to PayPal, the landing page would hang, but will now redirect you to the shopping cart once processing the cancellation.
  • Fixed issues with displaying the correct prices and discounted prices for activities and series.


  • Added an unregister feature for activities and series that are free or are unpaid. If a payment has been made for any of these items, the center will have to handle unregistering and refunding.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Internet Explorer to redirect to the MyActiveCenter home page when trying to make a payment.
  • Fixed a bug with signing up for a series when an immediate payment was required.


  • Added shopping cart to allow single payments to be made on multiple activities and/or series. The prices displayed with each activity are a cumulative total of each activity and/or series that has been selected.
    • IMPORTANT NOTE! If a center has allowed online payments, but expects an immediate online payment, the registration will not be complete until a payment has been made.
  • Fixed a bug that showed the incorrect day number on the receipt after making a payment.
  • On the center page, swapped the map and center list columns and added a new search field to look up a center by city or center name.
  • Updated activity and series price to display a price range when the cost varies from activity or series to another.
  • Removed photo from activity and series pages.
  • Added a feature that keeps activity and series registration closed until a date and time has been reached, as specified by the center.
  • Added Next 30 Days filter to a center's activity page and made it the default range to improve the speed activities are listed.
  • Added a feature that allows a center to restrict activity and series registration to residents in the same city as the center.
  • Fixed a bug where the Register button to appear for series when online registration was not allowed by the center.
  • Fixed a bug where the Sign In would appear on mobile devices if you were already signed into MyActiveCenter.


  • Fixed issue with the wrong price being used on Activities list and when registering for an event.
  • Improved new users form to throw an error if the entered email address is invalid.


  • Fixed issue with events and series appearing that are not supposed to in MyActiveCenter.
  • Improved the performance of the Activities page.


  • Fixed issue with events not listing properly on the Activities page.


  • Added event costs to the calendar.
  • Added a new page to simplify when viewing and enrolling in a series.
  • Event and series discounts are now displayed throughout MyActiveCenter.
  • Fixed a bug that did not sort events alphabetically when event names weren't capitalized.
  • MyActiveCenter may not work properly in Internet Explorer, so we've added a warning to top of the page for those users.
  • Moved How It Works sections to be more visible for new visitors.
  • Improved how series information is gathered so all related events are included.
  • Added feature to add spouse when activating a MyActiveCenter account.
  • Centers with deferred payments disabled will no longer show the resulting unused Unpaid section within My Activities.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented any line items from being displayed on the receipt when being redirected from PayPal.


  • MySeniorCenter compatibility update


  • Fixed a bug causing PayPal requests to respond with status 401 for some users
  • Removed contact info form on My Account page
  • API: Activity child objects now contain MSCCategory and CostPerSession properties


  • Payment reporting bugfix


  • PayPal integration has been updated to support latest security features.
  • The checkout flow now supports CAD currency.
  • Group discounts configured in MySeniorCenter are now reflected in MyActiveCenter.
  • The glitch preventing users from signing in on mobile has been fixed
  • Activity cost no longer displays the Activity template cost to allow for individual activities to be priced differently.
  • Activities that are scheduled for today but have already started are now included in the list of activities.


  • Centers now have additional flexibilty with online payments. Payment can be required in advance (typical) and/or deferred payments can be allowed. For centers looking to provide a lower barrier to entry for members who are uncomfortable with online payments, deferred payments allow a member to enroll now and pay later at the center.
  • The Group enrollment API has been revemped to address inconsistencies with payment record creation.
  • Centers can now designate an e-mail address to recieve alerts when members register for activities via MyActiveCenter.
  • Secure browsing over HTTPS is now required throughout the site.
  • Changes to site functionality and bugfixes are now listed in this change log.